Health Benefits of Having a Dog

Dogs, as the adage goes, are ones of man’s best friends. This is because not only are they fury and beautiful to look at but elicit true love and affection to their owners.To top the cherry on the cake dogs have been linked to having particular varied health benefits to their owner. Below are some of the health benefits of owning a dog:

1. Dogs help battle diseases and injury. Some dogs have been trained to able to sniff out diseases from their owners. Such diseases might include the likes of kidney failure, skin and prostate cancer. Some dogs help people with mobility problems as a result of conditions such as autism and brain injury. Some dogs also have been linked to soothing and calming emotional flares of people linked with Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Dogs improve on one’s heart health. Not only do dogs melt your heart with warm affection but also have been linked, according to various studies, with reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your body. Thus having an overall improvement in the cardiovascular system of the owner. You can  find ways to control anger management when you have a pet.

3. Dogs help you keep fit and active. Studies have shown that dog owners living in the city have a much better fitness track record than their fellow non-dog owners. This is as a result of the pet owners having to take their dogs out for a walk at least a few times in a week. A recent study has shown that these routine walks help the dog owner to lose at least 1440 pounds on average in a year.

4. Dogs help in preventing grandkids’ allergies. Contrary to popular belief, that pets in general cats and dogs have the effect of weakening a child’s health and create unpopular allergies, recent research has shown that having a pet in the house has the effect of improving young children’s immune system. It has become increasingly advisable for a home to adopt at least a dog to help the children develop resistance against common allergens.

5. Dogs have the effect of reducing stress on their owners. For starters, dogs have been shown to reduce tension between married couples and between colleagues in workplaces. That notwithstanding dogs have been linked to reduced high blood pressure levels in their owners and increased release of hormone dopamine and serotonin that accomplish to have a feel-good effect in the body.

6. Dogs are used to stave off depression. Dogs have been linked to lower depression levels in elderly women and HIV positive men. Therapeutic dogs-those that do not stay at home with you- and are taken to hospitals and homes for the elderly are used to stave off depression from the sick and the old respectively. As an added advantage dog owner have been shown to make friends more easily more so with fellow dog owners. Thus highly socializing, less depressed individuals.

Conclusion. In conclusion, it has been shown that dogs have a high benefit to the owner from helping them to cope with diseases and conditions, to improve their cardiovascular health and on to reducing the owner’s stress levels. Dogs also have the effect of improving the health of other people interacting with dog owners such as boosting immunity in children.